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Solutions for state and local government

Helping you serve with more agility and security

Across our nation, 20 million people work for state and local government. You are the people who continuously work hard for all of us, whether it’s providing public transportation services, supporting our court systems, or maintaining public works programs.

Your agency needs leading-edge communication technologies with modern mobile and collaboration capabilities that are cost-effective, flexible and secure. We can help. We’re working hard to help state and local agencies provide government services faster, with more security, agility and reliability.

Making connected government possible

Our state and local customers are modernizing to save money and to prepare for the next wave of the connected government. Let us help you update your communication infrastructure with intelligent technologies that improve how you deliver government services.

We’re also committed to making smart cities a reality. That’s part of what drives our investments and innovations in next-generation technologies including 5G and IoT.

Solutions to help you connect and collaborate

Begin the journey of modernization with the Sprint Business team. Innovate with us.


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Sprint Perks

Employees working for the Federal, State & Local Government or a member of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) may be eligible for a discount on select regularly priced Sprint monthly data service.

  • If you’re a new customer, you can confirm your eligibility by going to or by visiting your nearest Sprint store or call 866-639-8354.
  • If you’re an existing Sprint customer and want to participate in Sprint Perks, go to and submit the required information.

May req. up to 2-yr minimum service term

Special Offers for State and Local Government

Sprint works with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and alliances so some government entities are eligible for special pricing and offers. Get in touch with your purchasing contract administrator or a Sprint representative to find out which Sprint GPO discounts are available for your agency.


As the exclusive national wireless provider for MiCTA members, Sprint offers pre-negotiated pricing on smartphones, tablets, mobile broadband connectivity, fleet solutions, wireline connectivity, and much more.

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As the premier Sprint contract for all State and Local government entities and their employees, Sprint NASPO participants receive a deep discount on Sprint solutions. See the flyer

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Members of NPPGov, organization members, member employees and retirees are eligible to receive discounts with Sprint.

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HGACBuy members can save on the regular price of eligible monthly service plan charges.

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