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Wireless Priority Service

This free service gives eligible organizations the assurance that their critical calls will get through, even during times of crisis-related network congestion.

Getting through when the stakes are high

During a crisis there’s often a surge in wireless network traffic, making it hard to get calls through. But as an organization responsible for responding to crises, you need to communicate. It’s critical for your calls to get through — lots of people are counting on it, and it could be a matter of life and death.

Wireless Priority Service (WPS) is a program created by the Department of Homeland Security to give critical voice calls like yours a higher connection priority during times of network congestion due to a crisis. We are an authorized WPS provider offering the service free of charge.

If your organization is part of a critical user base such as government, security, emergency response or critical infrastructure, you can contact the Department of Homeland Security to see if you qualify for WPS. Federal organizations click here. Other organizations click here.


Then get in touch with us to:

  • Get priority access for voice services if networks become congested
  • Access WPS free of charge, with no fees and no minutes deducted from your plan
  • Depend on the speed and reliability of the Sprint network to keep you connected during a crisis



  • Available free of charge
  • An easy-to-use add-on feature
  • Powerful messaging tools available

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