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Smart Cities Citywide connections

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Smart cities can improve the citizen experience and increase revenues. But only if they’re powered by a reliable network.

A smart city is a connected city

Smart cities use connected devices on the Internet of Things to make local transport, services and infrastructure more efficient.

With a reliable, wide-reaching network, smart cities can connect a range of devices and share data between them fast. Local government can then use this data to better understand footfall and traffic, and make moves to reduce congestion, save energy and improve the experience of local citizens.

For example, Curiosity™ Smart Video Analytics integrates data from video sources into a holistic, 360-degree single dashboard view of the environment, providing intelligent insights to help make smarter decisions, respond faster to potential emergencies, and improve efficiency while keeping people and property safe.

A connected, smart city can bring the public you serve:

  • Smoother traffic flow and less road congestion
  • More efficient public transport
  • Better connectivity across the whole city
  • Energy saving technologies like smart lighting


  • Leading cellular and Wi-Fi networks
  • Expert consultancy
  • Proven M2M and IoT experience

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