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Solutions for education

Helping create safe, effective learning environments

Today’s students are the future of our society. From pre-k through college, providing a well-rounded education is a hallmark of what makes our nation great. But school budgets are limited. That’s why we’re helping smart administrators give their faculty and staff the latest tech at affordable rates — and the tools to help manage it all.

In today’s climate, student safety is also a major concern. It’s important that schools are equipped with the latest in communication technologies that can help enable both student learning and school safety, such as the push button alert system.

Supporting schools and students nationwide

We’re working hand in hand with schools of all sizes by providing technology and focused solutions that can help you provide safe and effective places for students to learn.  For example, our library hotspot program is helping to close the digital divide for many students.

We’re also proud to be the founding organizer and lead supporter for the 1 Million Project, whose mission is to provide mobile devices and free high-speed internet to one million high school students who lack reliable internet access, to help each of them reach their full potential.

Chromebooks for your school

Give your students unlimited opportunity with the CTL NL7 LTE Chromebook from Sprint.

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Affordable solutions to empower your institution

Begin the journey of modernization with the Sprint Business team. Innovate with us.


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Contract discounts for state and local government

Since we work with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and alliances, some government entities are eligible for discounts on select regularly priced Sprint monthly services. Get in touch with your purchasing contract administrator or a Sprint representative to find out which Sprint GPO discounts are available for your agency.


As the exclusive national wireless provider for MiCTA members, we offer pre-negotiated pricing on smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, GPS, 3G/4G devices and services, and much more.

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As the premier Sprint contract for all State and Local government entities and their employees, Sprint NASPO participants receive a deep discount on Sprint solutions. See the flyer

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Members of NPPGov, organization members, member employees and retirees are eligible to receive discounts with Sprint.

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HGACBuy members can save on the regular price of eligible monthly service plan charges.

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See if your school is eligible for these discounts and then get started

E-Rate SPIN Numbers

  • Wireline Services | Sprint Communications Company LP | 143005695
  • Wireless Services | CDMA: Sprint Spectrum LP | 143006742

To find out more

Christina Halley, E-Rate Division
12524 Sunrise Valley Drive
Reston, VA 20196-3438
Desk Phone – 703-592-4774
Mobile – 301-343-0794

E-Rate Helpline – 1-866-414-3225
E-rate Fax – 1-866-497-8675

California Teleconnect Fund

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) provides discounts to:

  • Education: K-12, community colleges, libraries
  • Public healthcare: government-owned hospitals and health clinics
  • Non-profit organizations providing healthcare and education

Approved organizations may get discounts off recurring monthly charges on eligible Sprint services within California.


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established CTF in 1996. Customers who purchase intrastate telecommunications services pay a surcharge that funds the program.

CPUC administers CTF, and Sprint is a participating vendor. Our CTF service provider identification number is U-5112-C.


Many services are eligible for CTF discounts. If your organization receives FCC funds or subsidies, the CTF discount is applied after the FCC funding.

To receive CTF discounts, your organization must apply and CPUC must approve your application. Application details are available here.

Sprint CTF team

We have a team dedicated to helping your organization with CTF discounts. For more information: